Spring and gardening

I have been busy creating some new quilts and need to post some pictures, but I have also been gardening.

Spring in Ottawa has been quite the mix of hot and cold weather. It has been difficult to decide whether to plant things in the garden or wait for a while. I am trying a herb garden from seeds again this year – last year the birds ate it, we’ll see how I do with the newly located planter box this year. For my vegetable garden, I had seen these cute little garden markers on Pinterest – basically painted rocks – I did not get as fancy and have multiple colours, but I did paint 10 rocks last week and have them out in the garden. It adds a fun whimsical feature, and maybe act as a scarecrow of sorts for the birds pecking at the seeds.

I will keep you posted with news on my creations in the coming weeks. Happy sewing, quilting and gardening!